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If a person from abroad wants to come to the United States to find out, is their girlfriend or boyfriend the right partner to get married and start a common future, they can use the K1 Visa, also called 90 day fiance Visa.

In this case, the partner who lives in the USA must submit an application, where is guaranteed, that the person from USA have enough money to care for the visitor and also some other things are to do. To find out more about the K1 Visa (90 days fiance), please visit the official site from the U.S. Government: https://www.uscis.gov/family/family-of-us-citizens/visas-for-fiancees-of-us-citizens

On the TV network TLC, there is a popular TV show (90 day fiancé), where you can see different couples, they try their way with the K1 Visa. If you are thinking about bringing someone to the United States with K1 Visa (90 days fiance) and have no idea how it could go, then the show on TLC can give you first ideas. But never forget, it is a TV show and the have maybe a little bit more of drama than real life.

If you are looking for a TLC 90 day fiance dating app or site, you can start your search on the internet for international dating websites and apps. TLC does not run their own dating site or app.

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If you landed here, you can start for free with your seek for your soulmate. Flirxx.com is a free international dating website. If you looking for a man or woman from abroad then Flirxx.com can help you. If you found your Soulmate and have registered a K1 Visa, you can try your luck and apply for the TLC Show 90 day fiancé. Good luck =)

In 2022 TLC started a new Show for UK (United Kingdom), it calls 90 Day Fiancé UK or 90 Day Fiance UK. The Show is the same like is running in th US TV, just for UK.


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